How to Rap and Sing- Singing Phenomena Drake

The new phenomena is Rappers singing and singers Rapping. How to sing like Drake is common question online. Here are some basics techniques of the singing voice needed that will help you understand how to slip smoothly from Rapping to Singing. SingLikeYouSpeak is a website dedicated to helping you find stop imitating your favorite singer, but to become your favorite singer.

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How to go from a speaking voice to singing voice is a challenge. Rappers now are singing and the change from rapping to singing should be seamless.

Do you want to be a commercially viable singer? In the Urban and R&B markets, in fact, in any market, singing and speaking requires training. Studying is the best way to improve your singing. If you have never done vocal lessons in the past, that’s ok. SingLikeYouSpeak™ is specifically designed to teach beginners to advanced singers how to sing “better” online, in your own time and for a fraction of the cost of private lessons. Snoop around the site and get your free video lesson!

About the author

Sally Morgan is a professional vocal trainer with over 30 years of experience. Sally is also the creator and author of SingLikeYouSpeak(TM)!

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