Why is Singing So Hard

Singing doesn’t have to be hard. Most of us make it hard because of how we think about singing. The problem is more in the mind than in the voice. Here’s what I mean.

What if as a piano player, I thought that I needed to use my elbows and my nose to play the piano like a pro. That is absolutely ridiculous, isn’t it? Well, what I see in my voice studio is actually the same thing. Singers who think they need to do all sorts of unnatural muscular actions to sing like a pro. The difference is that using my elbows and my nose to play the piano is visible – you can see how using those muscles does not work to play piano.

Singing muscles are deeply internal – inside the body and not outwardly visible. Holding breath, conserving breath so you don’t run out, working the abdominal muscles until they are stiff and can’t do anything to help you exhale, locking the jaw to lock in a ‘good’ sound, ‘placing’ the tone above your left eye. It goes on and on. These are actual cases that I’ve worked with and they are just as ridiculous as my whacked theory of piano playing.

‘But that can’t be right, IT’S TOO EASY!’ I hear that comment a lot from my singers. How do they get to the place where it’s simple?

1. Get rid of the idea that singing has to be hard work – that you must suffer for your art
2. Train the voice to respond to music with a natural impulse – and then stay out of the way
3. Build trust in your instrument – trust that it will function beautifully when you learn how to help it to the natural thing
4. Don’t separate the speaking voice from the singing voice – but use it as one voice

Above are just a few of the concepts that will make your singing easier. The real key is to get the solid vocal training. Not with a teacher who makes the process more difficult, but with a teacher who make it simpler. Let me know how I can help you! www.SingLikeYouSpeak.com
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About the author

Sally Morgan is a professional vocal trainer with over 30 years of experience. Sally is also the creator and author of SingLikeYouSpeak(TM)!


  1. sometimes is to hard to sing

  2. Easier said than done!

    I find myself practicing everyday for months now and I still hit the wrong note from time to time!!! LOL

    But thanks for your piano analogy, it was very interesting.

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